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Applying just the right amount of pressure

Human nature dictates that debtors will act first on the issue presenting the most frequent pressure. At The Gerber Law Firm, we use fair and legal means to increase that pressure and add to a debtor’s incentives to pay you what they owe.

Simply put, our clients get paid.

We at The Gerber Law Firm have established a simple, cost-effective and successful methodology to collect past due debts.

Step 1
Demand Letter. We begin the process with a demand letter which serves as the debtor’s last chance to do the right thing and pay you. A demand letter from The Gerber Law Firm serves two purposes. One, 15% to 20% of debtors will attempt to resolve the debt once they see an attorney has been retained. Two, a demand letter satisfies the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code which requires this step before attorney’s fees are allowed.

Step 2
Lawsuit. If your debtor needs more prodding, The Gerber Law Firm will file suit at which point the debtor becomes the defendant and must file an answer with the court within a certain timeframe.

Step 3
Motions for Judgments. If the defendant files an answer on time, we file a Motion for Summary Judgment, which asks the court to rule in your favor. At this point, the defendant is required to explain the situation to the judge. If the judge is unimpressed, we win a judgment. If Summary Judgment is not granted, we simply go to trial – and quickly.

If the defendant does not file an answer within the given timeframe, we file a Motion for Default Judgment, which is usually granted.

Once a judgment is obtained, The Gerber Law Firm pursues all legal means of relief — including filing liens on property, repossessing collateral, and garnishing wages — to collect on the judgment.

Act now! Delay decreases the chances of recovering your debt. The sooner you contact The Gerber Law Firm, the sooner we can work on getting you what’s yours!