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Want to start a business but have to decide between an LLC? LLP? S-Corp?

The Gerber Law Firm assists clients in a wide variety of industries to select and organize the proper entity to operate a new business. We are experienced in guiding clients through the choice-of-entity selection process along with the cost analysis of organizing and operating a new business in Texas.

Our Process

We first discuss with our clients the different entities from which to choose:

For Profit Corporations ( C-Corporation and S-Corporation)

General and Limited Partnerships

Limited Liability Company

Texas Series LLC Formation Single Member

Texas Series LLC Formation Multi-member

In those discussions, we cover associated costs of each entity type such as set-up and ongoing maintenance costs. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of forming, organizing, and operating each type.

Once a client has decided on a particular type of entity, we help to prepare the appropriate documents, including:

Articles of incorporation and bylaws

Articles of organization and operating agreement

Certificate of limited partnership and partnership agreement, or

General partnership agreement

These charter documents set forth how the entity is to be governed and operated, and associated organizational documents to get directors and officers, managers or general partners in place to conduct the business, all to ensure that the new entity is geared for corporate success.

The Gerber Law Firm routinely assists business owners in:

Creation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Annual Registered Agent Service (C-Corporation and S-Corporation)

Company Agreements

Buy/Sell Agreements

Employment Contracts

Employment Handbooks

For Profit Corporations

Franchise Agreements

General and Limited Partnerships

Joint Venture Agreements

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Partnerships

Texas Series LLC Formation, Single Member

Texas Series LLC Formation, Multi-member

Texas Trademark Registration

The Gerber Law Firm provides an upfront, no-nonsense assessment of the formation of your entity, and works with individuals and businesses to obtain the best end result in the formation of your business. By maintaining this focus, The Gerber Law Firm provides its clients with efficient and effective legal representation. Because the formation of your business is crucial to its longevity, make sure you have an experienced corporate lawyer who has the time to discuss the formation of your business with you, explain your options, and represent you. When it matters most, contact The Gerber Law Firm.